The Road To Escanaba

June 22, 2015

Not a whole lot of good to speak about in the final round in South Bend so I’ll let that lie.

There is one thing I would like to touch on. Kudos to the filed staff on the course set up. The tee on the par five ninth was moved up and was now reachable in two blows. Salanee Henderson did it in our group and came close to bagging an elusive albatross. She shot seven under and finished T2. Also, the par four  eleventh was moved up seventy yards and was now drivable.

I’m sticking with Britney as of now so my plan to see my friends in Arkansas was nixed.

The title of this post sounds like a Bob Hope escapade but there wasn’t a laugh to be had. The trip to the upper peninsula was a continuation of the day’s maladies. My car crapped-out just north of Chicago on I-294. It just stopped running which put me into a slight panic.

My thoughts in order where; call for service through my insurance company; find a hotel; when could I make it to Escanaba? But the best was almost forgotten.

Almost a year ago to the day, my car did the same thing after my trip to Bentonville AR to caddie the Walmart event. The problem was the emergency fuel pump shutoff (it’s like a circuit breaker in case of an accident) which had to be replaced. With nothing to lose, I located the switch in the right side of the trunk behind the fabric liner and found that the reset button was tripped. I pushed it back in and hoped for the best. Voila! It started right up.

I later stopped for coffee and an order of Burger King’s $1.149 chicken nugget special (that’s all they’re worth by the way) and it conked-out again. Another reset and I made it the rest of the way.

This morning it failed to start once more but the button wasn’t tripped. I jiggled the wires and it started right up.

Third consecutive week I’m lodging at America’s Best Value Inn. This time I Pricelined it. The Renuzit on the counter failed to mask the pungent odor of Indian cuisine which stung my olfactory lobe upon entering the lobby. “What else is new?” I thought. Are every one of these franchises run by the Patel clan?

The room is the best so far except for the antiquated TV. It’s been a long time since I stared at a 27” Phillips CRT. The picture sucks. Also, I’m at the end of the building so it takes a while for the hot water to arrive but when it does, all is fine.

Caddie updates: Bully is at “the show” in Arkansas looping for Candy Hannemann and Tom Borwick is headed back to LA. He will play chauffer/caddie for a youngster in the Junior World Championship and his or her family. He didn’t even know the name. They are from Malaysia and needed a tour guide.

J.D. was in the house last week. Forgot who’s bag he was on.

There definitely is a failure to communicate out here. I went out to walk the course this morning but the yardage books weren’t ready. Walked the back nine anyway. I set up a password protected caddie info website years ago that would be perfect out here. All I need is the info. Would be great for fact sheets, yardage book info and motel deals.

Then there was this:

Henderson, 17, gets Symetra Tour waiver after victory

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