Escanaba Thursday

Had the day off. B-Ham just worked with her coach.

Her coach also works with Mary Narzisi and they’re both first off tomorrow. Unfortunately, on different nines.

Yesterday I finalized my motel reservation for next week. The first four days through Priceline and the last two with Hotwire at a different motel. It was the only way to get a room for the entire week without getting totally hosed. I prefer to stay by myself so it’s going to be an expensive stay.

The snafu with the yardage books this week had me go right to the source for the upcoming Tullymore Championship. It’s a new event so an existing book is not an option. I sent a text to “Kenny The Wizard” (made this week’s book also) and learned that 50-100 “tour bibles” will be there this Saturday and the remainder on Monday. Good news. No delay completing our homework.

Rick “The Nerd” did a book for the Toyota Danielle Downey Classic in Rochester. They were good friends so he is donating all the money (not just the profits) to the Danielle Downey Scholarship Fund.

Then there was this:

Whan: Henderson’s future ‘in her hands’

RTJ fires back at Player for Chambers Bay rant

Detroit Lions rookies learn golf as part of their introduction to the NFL

Razorback golfer qualifies for LPGA event in Arkansas

2 Responses to Escanaba Thursday

  1. daveandrews723 says:

    as of 6:00 tonight (Thurs) Lindy Duncan was listed with a tee time in tomorrow’s first round in both the Symetra event and the LPGA event. They are both in the morning, so I doubt she can make the trip fast enough to play in both at the same time. 🙂

  2. Pete Beau says:

    Welcome to Michigan Larry. The UP (upper peninsula) is very nice this time of year. I’m a troll (Metro Detroit). Safe travels.

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