Island Resort Championship Wrap-up

Two over in the final round for B-Ham but the antics from one of our playing partners kept us entertained from the first tee to the last.

As I perched upon a throne in one of the casino’s facilities yesterday morning, a plea for help over the radio blurted from behind door number two. A volunteer caddie in the first group overslept and wasn’t going to make it. A replacement was needed but given the the early hour, that would be a tough job to fill.

Wayne just happened to be in that group and also heard the call, along with the tee marshal, from a nearby radio. Before you know it, the marshal dropped his paddle and was on the bag. Did a good job too according to Wayne.

Mary and B-Ham’s coach put in long hours on the range last week correcting some minor flaws in their swings. During a stint with Britney, he dubbed the range “The Harris Michigan Correctional Facility.” Good one Lewis.

You’re standing on the tee waiting to let it fly to start the second round then realize you’re not with this group. In fact, you’re on the wrong tee! Instead of starting on the front, you are supposed to be on the back. A mad sprint past the substantially long range, putting green and starters shack doesn’t get you there in time. After being assessed a two shot penalty, you complete the round only to miss the cut by a single shot. Strange but true. It happened last week.

“Bear Bait” and “Honest Injuns Tourist Trap” were just a couple of the colorful signs dotting the perimeter of the roadway on my journey to the Mackinaw Bridge. Along with numerous quaint motels and eateries along the shore of Lake Michigan, it made for a very pleasant visual experience.

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