Tullymore Wednesday

It was a first-come, first-serve practice round. No shotgun this time. We were the lead group off one where everyone was supposed to start but things changed and they opened the back at the same time. We raced around our first nine but hit the wall at the turn. Didn’t play them all.

Many holes have lines on two different tees. Given it’s a new event and the talent pool has been diluted with alternates, the option to play the course shorter has to be considered.

The Tullymore course is a bit spread out. There may be up to five shuttle rides between holes. That’ll add to the pace of play.

I just wish they would give advance notice where to park even though it wasn’t too far passed the clubhouse. Even the players were directed down the road. It may be on the fact sheet or other communication but I don’t see that.

Steve Alt (Miso Steve) was Britney’s first caddie. She remembered he made a point of clarifying that when you wish to take off a little distance on a shot you refer to it as gripped not choked.

Then there was this:

US Solheim Cup team looking a lot like past teams

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