Tullymore Classic – Round One

So many chances but only finished one under. Maybe the putts will drop tomorrow.

Not as many cart rides as expected but they did play the course short as I figured.

I installed Nova Launcher on my Moto G after reading about its customization options and faster performance than the stock Google launcher. So far I’m lovin’ it.

Moved over to the Morley Motel in Morley. I went from the penthouse to the outhouse but saved over a hundred bucks by cancelling my Super 8 reservation. It’s only for two days.

Then there was this:

Henderson withdraws from Symetra event after minor car accident – That leaves one of the top three spots open. 🙂

PGA, USGA, LPGA stick with Donald Trump despite controversial comments

Interest in future Lady Keystone Open is there, but is the money?


2 Responses to Tullymore Classic – Round One

  1. pcb_duffer says:

    Larry, do you participate in any of the hotel chain frequent sleeper programs? I know that some credit cards link to them to help you accrue points, too. And whatever happened to the hotel chain that was the official chain of the LPGA? Did they ever give you loopers a break?

    • lifeontour says:

      I do but this was a last minute arrangement and given it was the Fourth of July weekend I was screwed. The LPGA discount was only 10% if I remember correctly. I could do better on my own.

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