Toledo, Just As I Remember

July 6, 2015

I’m here in Toledo staying at the Red Roof off Airport Highway and just like in so may years past, I-475 is riddled with construction. So bad the on ramp heading north is closed. This is the area most caddies reside during The Jamie Farr event. Even one of the alternate routes (McCord) is closed.

There’s a sign in my room stating free Wi-Fi on your laptop or PDA. PDA? What century are they talking about?

Nothing hits the spot after a round on the course like an ice cold beer. I had $6 in my wallet yesterday and would be just enough for one, given that they were only $4 in the clubhouse yesterday. But I was wrong. All of a sudden they jumped to $6.25! The young barmaid took pity on this thirsty caddie by selling me a sixteen ounce glass for the price of a twelve. $4.75 please.

Michigan gas was $3 a gallon. Toledo Sam’s Club only $2.50 according to GasBuddy. I got just enough to get me here on empty.

Anyone see something wrong with these scores?

Tullymore scoreboard

Then there was this:

McIlroy tears ankle ligament; Open in doubt

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