One Is As Good As The Other?

July 11, 2015

Sei Young Kim in position for weekend move at U.S. Women’s Open – Looks as if the ejection of Paul Fusco for snapping classified info was just a minor speed bump. Kim is T-12 starting the day with Steve Bybee on the bag. Just wondering, do they split the percentage?

Had the breakfast platter at Chick-fil-A this morning. Puts McDonald’s to shame.

So I’m almost finished with my morning walk when I was approached by a tattooed, backpack-toting young lady going in the opposite direction. Looking a bit lost, she stopped and asked which way was downtown Toledo. I pointed northeast. She was headed south. She had a tad too much of the grape (or other fermented beverage) last night and when she woke, noticed her boyfriend had taken her car and she had an appointment to keep.

I asked if there was a bus she could take but she didn’t know, or how to take one if there was. “Never been on a bus.” she said.

So the best I could remember was go to Central and take a right. After checking when I got back to the room, I was a little off. That was too far north. Either way, it was at least ten miles.

Why didn’t I just use my phone? I was being cautious. Would never been able to run her down if she snatched it.

Look what I found in a caddie’s trunk who shall remain anonymous . It’s the ghost of Fallen Oak. They’ve been looking for that bag since March.

fallen oak laundry bag

 Then there was this:

The story of the woman who brought sex to the LPGA Tour

USGA’s Davis: Two regrets regarding Chambers Bay

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