Toledo Tuesday – Marathon Classic

Looping for Wendy Doolan this week.

Played 22 holes before rain (a recurring theme) put an end to our third nine.

There was a reflector on every hole indicating the front of the green. This is where the depth of the pin will be measured. Makes is easy to check the course while playing.

A morning and afternoon shotgun pro-am yesterday tied up the course all day. We practiced putting and chipping then the rain hit. I came back and walked the front nine later in the evening.

There are a few changes since I saw it last. They lengthened number three to the back of the tee; number five to a new tee far left making the hole not as severe of a dogleg right but longer; the par three eighth was lengthened; there are now two tees for number nine. The forward tee is only 240 to the front of the green making it a drivable par four.

Brooke Henderson to play at Brook-Lea Symetra event.

Here’s why.

Marathon qualifier

Then there was this:

Donald Trump writes LPGA’s Whan with offer to move Women’s British Open

Vadala determined to save women’s pro golf in Rochester

Trump International Golf Club Files for Bankruptcy Protection

LPGA, caddie Paul Fusco speak out after U.S. Women’s Open incident


5 Responses to Toledo Tuesday – Marathon Classic

  1. Cougar says:

    You have been away too long. Those changes were made a while ago. Last year might have been the first that nine was driveable, maybe just one day.

    • lifeontour says:

      Not all but that was my point. Wendy has been away the same length of time so it’s all new to her also.

  2. Niel Loeb says:

    Trump writing Whan about moving the Women’s British Open shows ignorance. The LPGA can’t move it because it’s not their tournament. It’s run by the Ladies Golf Union.

    • lifeontour says:

      Trump has done so much for women’s golf I can’t begin to expand on his contributions. Yes, he put his foot in his mouth. He is not a politician who’s political committee scripts their every word. Whan piled on because the age of extreme political correctness deems it so. If he didn’t, he would become a target. Remember the English only policy Bivens tried to establish?

      And for Pete’s sake (who is Pete anyway?), he is not against legal immigration. It is the illegal aliens (as described by law) he rails against.

      • ozzy says:

        I’ll refer to Trump as DT (a pesticide. He was either the bully or the victim at school, and is either continuing that behaviour or taking revenge on anyone or anything.

        Unless he writes in his contracts to cover defamation or “if you don’t agree with me” your out/fired. Let him cancel the contract and be sued by the LGA.

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