Toledo Wednesday – Marathon Classic

July 15, 2015

Put in a good day’s practice. Should be ready to go for our 7:48 time tomorrow.

I mentioned the reflectors at the front of every green during the practice round of which remained in place today. That was initiated by The PGA of America during the KPMG Championship. It was suggested to the LPGA and they adopted the practice. Bully for them!

I was in the caddie area this morning awaiting Wendy’s arrival when I overheard a looper, whom of which I was unfamiliar, lamenting the lack of his player’s chipping prowess. He implied that if she could only chip like us (men), she would pocket an extra $100K a year.

Rooting for A. J. Eathorne this week. She just got in the field replacing Reilley Rankin who was the next alternate.

In honor of all the Indian run motels I have stayed at lately, I changed the Google Now voice on my phone to English (India). She seems very polite and her pronunciation is impeccable.

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