Marathon Classic – Round One

Looping for Wendy Doolan.

The knees buckled on the first tee but after the calm set in, Wendy finished with a one under par round. Not bad after a three year hiatus.

Heard some grumbling regarding the food in player hospitality and the caddie area. Not the best this week.

Wicked weather expected at St. Andrews tomorrow. Should be fun to watch.

I’ve been looking for a simple pair of slippers forever. The ones at Walmart suck and anything online are too expensive. Then I walked over to Bed Bath and Beyond and found these. Just what I needed and half price to boot. I am a native Ohioan so there was a bit of trepidation buying slippers with the Michigan logo but I pulled the trigger regardless. May the ghost of Woody Hayes forgive me. Shoot, I never liked his style of football anyway.

Michigan slippers

Then there was this:

Lorie Kane would prefer not to be playing solo at Pan Am Games

Why Laura Davies Induction Fiasco Points To Deeper Problems In Golf –

Phil Mickelson called ‘sour grapes’ in golf feud that won’t die

3 Responses to Marathon Classic – Round One

  1. super mario says:

    The worst on tour. The caddies get treated like dirt here. I guess the tournament director just thinks about his wallet

  2. Phil says:


    I remember you once said that caddy changes often happened after majors. Got any scoops on that? On TV today, it looked like Mi Hyang Lee didn’t have her regular loop, Ivan Galdame. Any news? She has played well with him this year.


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