Marathon Classic – Round Two

July 17, 2015

I’m looping for Wendy Doolan.

Just like the Open Championship at St. Andrews, rain delayed the start of the round. Ours was two and a half hours.

Walking down the ninth fairway (our final hole) we were minutes of putting this round in the books when the horn blew signaling dangerous conditions. A storm was in the vicinity and it was the prudent thing to do but at least we know where we stand.

130 yards to the pin and a shot off the cut. It’s birdie or bust tomorrow.

Play resumes at 7:30.

The food in the caddie area arrived as promised (starting Thursday). We had Chinese for lunch supplied by Magic Wok and pizza when we finished.

The LPGA has become the “no fun tour”. I’ve heard this more than once from some of the old guard caddies. Since it’s my first week back in three years, I haven’t experienced the changes that make it so but from what they describe, I can see their point.

“Coffee Joe” was in the house yesterday just to visit. Along with all the other familiar faces I’ve come across this week, it has been a memorable reunion. The only thing that would have made it better is if we were at the Corning Classic hanging out in the caddie shack.

Then there was this:

Japan has finally figured out what to do with its abandoned golf courses

Golf Channel’s Oberholser On Tiger Woods: ‘I Think His Best Days Are Long Behind Him

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