Marathon Classic – Round Two Completion

Looping for Wendy Doolan.

It was a bust. No weekend play for us.

Another storm and another delay.

The final five British Open spots were filled after the completion of the second round.

british open qualifiers

Chipotle burritos that would choke a small horse were for lunch in the caddie area today. I dined with three other loopers who failed to make the cut. The rest partook during the rain delay I assume.

Jeff Steffler worked for a young Korean player – who’s’ nickname is “Five”-  at the 3rd Stage Q-School last year and even thought she didn’t make it, gave him high praise when finished.

“You’re the best caddie I ever had.” she said

“Who was your previous caddie?” Jeff asked.

“My mom.” she answered.

Maybe it wasn’t as high as I thought.

What did the psychologist say to the naked man? “I can clearly see your nuts”. – Jeff Steffler

Over $3000 was raised for the Danielle Downey memorial scholarship fund through the sales of yardage books provided by Rick Kropf. He donated all his time and expense for charity. Bravo!

Then there was this:

Calif. to Mt. Rushmore, in a golf cart


5 Responses to Marathon Classic – Round Two Completion

  1. super mario says:

    I think steffler is just above moms skills

  2. Fred says:

    Larry how do you make triple from 130 yards on the last hole?

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