Meijer Monday

Looping for Wendy Doolan.

First on the tee and touched them all in time to watch The Open Championship.

Walked sixteen holes yesterday until I came upon club play. The nines are switched (but nine and eighteen stay the same) from how the members play them and compare like night and day. The front nine is tighter with much more elevation and the back more open.

Nine and eighteen must have confused our yardage book maker (Troy Martin of Bucketboy Graphics). He has the same page for both holes. I had to re-shoot eighteen and redraw the green.

FYI: I worked for Wendy at Q-School back in 1995. We went into a three hole aggregate playoff then into a sudden death playoff with Tina Tombs and “Doofus” on the bag. Tina approach went long and followed with a poor chip. A missed putt for par and that’s all she wrote.

For those players who just got in and caddies who delayed pulling the trigger early, rooms are non-existent for the entire week due to the Meijer LPGA Community Concert featuring OneRepublic and the Grand Rapids Balloon Festival on the weekend. There are other events planned which added to the unavailability.

I’m at the Motel 6. The A/C is weak and the Internet very slow but I do have a HD TV so I can plug in my computer. Can’t complain too much. I have a room. Update: No Internet at all today. Complained at the front desk and got this response. “Well I have it on my iPad”.


After the shift change I tried again. They were on the phone with the provider trying to fix it. In minutes it was working. In the mean time, I used my phone as a hotspot. Worked perfectly.

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