Meijer Classic Tuesday

Looping for Wendy Doolan.

We teed off with Monday qualifier Kelli Pry then caught up to Birdie Kim on four and made it a threesome.

Birdie had a virgin looper on the bag who even had to be shown how to carry the bag. His name was Alex. A tall, lanky, hatless ginger, donned in dark rimmed glasses, peach shorts and a blue and white Purina checkerboard long-sleeved shirt scrunched up his forearms as far as they would go. He was on a one day trial (that sounds familiar) but as soon as I laid eyes on him, the movie Caddy Shack came to mind. He would been a perfect fit toting a sack at Bushwood Country Club.

We played through ten then cut over to seventeen. A player meeting at five and general slow play made it a good move.

A looper getting injured can put him on the sideline in short order but when it happens checking-in to the hotel, it literately adds insult to injury. One of the guys lost his balance on the stairs and took a tumble breaking his wrist yesterday.

I hear the Symetra Tour will be utilizing the reflectors during practice as they do out here. Very good move.

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