Meijer Classic – Saturday

Looping for Wendy Doolan.

Add two more to our total on Friday. No weekend play again.

The plan was for twosomes off the first tee but a prediction of early rain changed that to a later start and split tees. The rain never happened.

As I stated previously, there isn’t a room to be had in Grand Rapids this weekend. One caddie who made the cut had to travel 60 miles to Lansing for a place.

The cabinet under my sink at the Motel 6 does not allow any foot room making one bend more than usual to use the sink. While brushing my teeth on Monday, I felt a pain in my back which progressively worsened each day. The last two rounds I couldn’t bend even to tie my shoes but by judicially placing the bag upright or using my upper body to lift it, I managed to complete my duties, albeit slowly. After work, I had to use both hand rails at the 6 just to pull myself up the stairs.

Today I wake up to find the pain totally gone. Like it was just a bad dream. Go figure. TMS I’m sure.

Necessity truly is the mother of invention. Right after lunch my car started acting up again. Sputtering then stalling and the tweaking of the wires leading to the fuel pump cut-off switch only kept it going for a short time barely getting me back to the motel.

I then get a call from Jane Crafter asking if I would help doing yardage for TV. I agreed but my car seemed to have finally given up the ghost. No amount of wire-fiddling would get it started so I decided to go deep. Off came the back panel and I pulled the side one down as far as it would go. Bingo! There it was. A loose mounting bolt that secured the ground wire. A little tightening and all was right with the world once more. Good for another 190K miles.

The ride back to the caddie lot was one of the more colorful I have experienced and one our driver will not likely forget. Most of conversation I cannot repeat but we did learn that one of our most notable loopers got his butt reamed no less than four times from his player during today’s round without a peep of response.

There’s a cheerleaders of all ages competition in town and some are staying at my motel. Three little girls, dressed ready to contend, came to the lobby this morning asking if there was a place to perform a few cartwheels for a warm-up. The front desk clerk directed then to the conference room which was just feet away. It was to their liking so they all went in but the first one to perform must have misjudge the distance and slammed her foot into the wall. Luckily, no broken toes. That would have cost the motel a few bucks if she did. What an idiot to give them permission.

There are so many players signed-up for 1st stage Q-School that many have been given a pass to 2nd stage based on their Symetra Tour eligibility. I was planning on going but my player was one of the lucky ones.

Then there was this:

LPGA gives no explanation for cancellation of China event – Maybe their stock market is a clue.

Then again. LPGA event in China postponed due to ‘date conflict’

Allenby fires caddie mid-round after row – Heard Allenby is a real dick.

Norwegian golf course plagued by serial pooper“And we know it is a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman,” – They haven’t seen the women in Mississippi.

Is this kid from India the next Tiger Woods?


The hidden danger inside your golf cart

Urine resistant walls in San Francisco shoot pee back – You think San Francisco would be a sanctuary city for public urinators.


One Response to Meijer Classic – Saturday

  1. super mario says:

    Did the ride home with the caddies offend Your ears. There was plenty of verbal abuse like the old days

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