Plain Jane?

July 27, 2015

No way! It was a pleasure working with Jane Crafter and The Golf Channel. Jane comes well prepared before airtime and doesn’t mail it in. Checking pins and the break from all sides, she’s ready to add expert commentary when called upon.

It was fun working with her on the weekend. Basically, I used my yardage book to get the front and pin distances and pass them to her. I then radioed the pin distance to the truck.

We were supposed to follow the Lincicome group on Sunday but when Piller got hot, Jane figured we would be switched. She was right.

The LPGA staff let Crafty pick the pin position on fifteen. Any complaints should be directed to her. 🙂

Piller’s tee ball went left on sixteen which had Jane searching, along with a self-proclaimed, blind in one eye marshal. You take any help you can get I guess.

Webb, Pettersen and Nocera. Those are Jane’s picks in The Golf Channel Ricoh British Open pool.

Another city (Milwaukee) and another Motel 6. Much better A/C and Wi-Fi than Grand Rapids in an upscale neighborhood. I got a handicap room even though have haven’t teed it up in years. 🙂

“I love that bathroom. It’s got that high, high toilet. I feel like a gargoyle perched on the ledge of a building”. – George Castanza

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