PHC Classic – Final Round

Looping for Candy Hannemann.

Well, we didn’t finish DFL (that was reserved for someone else in our group) but it was close. Candy was a delight to work for. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

Our playing partners were Sydney Cox and Sherman 20 Letters (her Potawatomi tribal name 🙂 ). Could not have been two slower player/caddie duos if it was scripted. We were warned early in the round to pick up the pace and was followed almost to the end.

Way too much caddie intervention was the problem. 20 Letters had dad on the bag but Sydney was the real anchor holding us back. Her final putt had us laughing. It was about two feet with a left center line. Two plumb bobs, a back-off and a caddie conversation later, she made it.

Walking down seventeen, Sydney asked if I was a volunteer caddie (ha, ha, ha). I gave her my standard spiel then mentioned I worked for Wendy Doolan the last two weeks. That amused her as she once was the standard bearer in Wendy’s group and had followed her since then. Too bad she doesn’t emulate Wendy’s pace of play.

And another thing. It would have been nice if they helped with the pin now and then.

Put a long red marker streak on the front of my shorts while on the range. Actually, it was a good thing. I needed some motivation to replace the aged khakis. They were approaching “Motorcycle Jim” vintage.

3 Responses to PHC Classic – Final Round

  1. ozzy says:

    How many different languages did Candy speak in during the week.

    If the pin was a problem, I guess bunkers were also.

  2. pcb_duffer says:

    Years ago, I had an occasional playing partner (an American snowbird, if that matters) who simply wouldn’t deal with the flagstick. One guy actually leaned the stick against “Stan’s” shoulder, but he simply walked away and let it clank to the ground. 😦

  3. Alexander Mora says:

    I went to college with Sydney Cox lol.

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