End Of The Line

August 22, 2015

The plan changed once more. I left Portland on Monday and overnighted in Boise. Next stop was Jackson Hole before heading to Yellowstone.

When I arrived at Jackson Hole, a pallid haze, from fires hundreds of miles passed, still loomed over the countryside. The beauty of Yellowstone would have been just an obscurity so my “ little man” said keep going. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t seen it before. I have. Old Faithful, the colorful (and stinky) sulfur springs and Canyon Lodge were crossed off my list years ago. I even stared a buffalo in the eye as it ambled past my car, being grateful it didn’t rip my mirror to pieces.

So I spent a few hours strolling the streets and exploring the tourist traps of Jackson Hole. I did benefit though. I love western art and this town enjoys a plethora of galleries specializing in this medium. Gorgeous paintings and sculptures tagged with exorbitant prices to match the potential clientele were abundant.

Next stops, the Motel 6 in Pocatello ID and Casper WY. In fact, that was my lodging of choice for this road trip. Not cheap anymore but you know what to expect.

On the final leg, I visited historic Deadwood and Sturgis. Deadwood was readying for a Budweiser concert so arriving early was a plus. The partygoers had not arrived yet. Plenty of historic buildings unfortunately populated with casinos, souvenir shops and other indistinguishable establishments.

The Sturgis tourist was a mixture of bikers and curiosity seekers. Of course I took plenty of photos along the way but the most representative of the currently visited venue was in Sturgis. I’m sure this shot of the local cuisine sums up every biker gathering held in this South Dakota destination.

Sturgis puke

Sturgis Sidewalk Pizza

I’ve settled in Sioux Falls at the Value Place motel. That’s the next Symetra Tour stop but not for more than a week. Enjoying time out of my car and psychological decompression.


That’s a lot of asphalt.

News from Canada was that the course was in great shape but the same cannot be said about the yardage book.

Then there was this:

LPGA event in French Lick to be free for spectators – Aren’t they all?

Iain MacIntyre: South Korea’s LPGA stars feeling Olympic squeeze

LPGA Nominates Mallory Blackwelder for KIA Assist

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