GreatLife Challenge – Round Three

I’m looping for Chie Arimura.

Four under today has Chie in the top ten for the final round.

After 2nd round play concluded this morning, we found ourselves in the first group off the front with the split tee format. Just prior to putting the first peg in the ground, a rules official greeted us on the tee and uttered the obligatory pace of play caution. Being the lead group, a 4:36 round was expected and if we lagged behind, he would pay us another visit.

All three players took his caution to heart and played as if we were on the clock from the get-go. They were fast players to begin with but extra effort not to dally was clearly evident.

We turned in just over two hours and of course, had to wait for the final group to start on ten. Fortunately it was only a twosome and didn’t hold us up much.

There’s a difference between good and lucky and every once in awhile you get the combo platter.

On the par four 12th, Chie was in the left rough with a huge tree blocking her approach. It was eight iron yardage but to make sure she would clear the obstruction, she opened the blade for a little extra height (How many players would do that?). It was perfectly executed and settled on the green. By the look on her face, even Chie was surprised it carried so far. Short of the green would have been very acceptable.

After a five wood tee shot on eighteen, Chie had 120 front and another 20 for the pin that was cut only four paces from the right. That’s 140 for all those who went to public school. The wind had stiffened and and blowing the hardest it had all day. Two clubs I figured.

The perfect leave was below the hole so instead of a seven, a low, driving eight iron was the club of choice. But occasionally over compensation turns that shot into a pull and this ball headed for the pond next to the green.

But that’s where Lady Luck stepped in. The errant pellet ricocheted off a rock and rolled all the way across the green to settle 25 feet below the hole. Chie made the putt for birdie. A two, maybe three shot swing in your favor is a sweet way to end the round.

The par four eighth was moved up eighty-five yards and turned into a down wind 230 yard hole. Water guards the right side but basically it was just a long par three. Even though, many players laid-up with short irons. Everyone in our group went for it and made birdies.

Then there was this:

Trump eyes epic golf match with Obama: ‘I’d love to play him for the presidency’

David Feherty brings free-agent intrigue to golf

Twin Cities facing an ‘epidemic’ of golf cart theft

Man killed during test drive of souped-up golf cart, cops say

2 Responses to GreatLife Challenge – Round Three

  1. ozzy says:

    Well done to Chie today. Glad that she can think, imagine and execute a different golf shot. Hopefully give her some confidence when in a sticky situation. And Yes, luck does have some play in it.

    Just on NFL – Aussie makes 49ER’s final 53 playing roster.

  2. cannuck says:

    you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good

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