Upset and “Upstate”

Monday, a player was loading her golf cart and one of the items was a large box with considerable weight. The box slipped off the seat and onto the gas pedal propelling the cart about ten yards into another player, flipping her into the air and and stopping on her golf bag. She was shaken and was attended to by medical personnel but did not seem to be seriously hurt. The only casualty in the bag was her putter. The shaft was toast. Haven’t seen her since but another putter is on the way.

Rooming with “Upstate Jay” this week at the Red Roof in Holton. What an interesting character. If any man needs to pen his memoirs, it’s Jay. Here is just a tidbit of “The Life and Times of Upstate Jay”.

Jay grew up in in New Jersey in the same area and time as Fox’s political phenom Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor. Every Sunday, Jay’s mom would take him for an ice cream cone – via their Country Squire wagon – to the Carvel across from C. W. Post College on Long Island. One day he was served by O’Reilly himself who was the manager at the time.

Both Jay and Bill would hang out in the caddie yard at Salisbury Park (Eisenhower Course) but only Jay had interest in the game. Bill was more into hockey and football and would rather play a game of touch than loop.

They both went on to attend a Catholic college, became teachers and published authors.

Jay went on to work at a college radio station and Bill a TV station in Scranton Pennsylvania.

It’s a very small world. “The Nerd” is working for Tara Fleming at the USGA State Team Championship in Cape Giradeau MO this week. Yesterday morning he walked the back nine with the team from South Dakota and one of them seemed very familiar. Turned out she was the standard bearer in Rick’s group last Sunday.

So far I’ve come up empty this week looking for a bag. It was bound to happen. Surprised it took so long. But there’s always tomorrow.

Then there was this:

South Korean Female Golfers of the LPGA: Speak out against the cruelty of dog and cat meat

AimPoint putting method comes with a rules caution; LPGA in France

2 Responses to Upset and “Upstate”

  1. ozzy says:

    From memory, Upstate Jay had written a book on golf courses in Upstate NY in early 2001-2. Is he still wearing terry towling hats.

    Hope you get a bag.

  2. lifeontour says:

    Finger Lakes Golf Guide was the book and yes. still wearing the same hat.

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