Prairie Band Classic – Round One

No luck today. I get the week off. I did get an offer on Wednesday and submitted a counter offer. It was rejected so she took a trolley.

The player who was run over on Monday never did tee it up.

Looked like Chie was picking up where she left off last week but faltered on her 2nd nine. Shot even but did have an ace on sixteen.

Tom Borwick and I was spectating on the eighteenth when an errant approach landed right next to us. It was a good fifteen yards over the green and up a steep grade. With the pin back right, it was going to be a tough up and down. As the caddie (her mom) neared, she laid the blame directly on her daughter claiming she was twenty yards off on her calculations. No matter, she made par with a stellar pitch to within a couple of feet.

Caddies are eating good this week They get to partake in the same spread the players do for breakfast and lunch.

2 Responses to Prairie Band Classic – Round One

  1. ozzy says:

    Sounds like some of the girls need to learn the old saying – you need to invest to accumulate.

  2. lifeontour says:

    Cash poor is the order of the day out here. With purses as low as they are, the caddie makes more than the player.

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