Garden City Classic – Tuesday

Nothing on the line so far but I have a couple bites.

Update: Last week was a shutout and this week had two players and had to pick.

I’m will be looping for Liz Wendt. She just got in. I have her for 2nd stage so it was a good fit. Hated to leave the other player hanging and then I find out they’re rooming together this week!

Checked the course on a buggy. The only way to go when it’s hot and windy. 25-30 mph steady all day. Like being in a convection oven.

Left of the fifth fairway is where the buffalo roam. Spotted these two along with a calf.

buffalo garden city ks

NOT! They’re just silhouettes. The real buffalo have long been decimated by the evil white-eyes.

A  post on Facebook has Mike Carrick fired after the final round in Evian. Finished T-4 with a $151K  paycheck.

Then there was this:

Feherty to Join NBC Golf Coverage

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