Garden City Classic – Round One

September 18, 2015

I’m looping for Liz Wendt.

Six over after six then one under the rest of the way. Liz admitted she was a bit out of it at the start then settled down. The wind was steady when we teed off but was howling by the time we finished. 25-30 mph easy.

My WeatherBug app forecast the wind at 9 mph all day!

Liz noticed a player in the group in front of us frantically scribbling on her pin sheet before starting play. So she took a look to satisfy her curiosity. “Target, Smile, Target, Smile” was the script written randomly over and over. Oddly enough, the scowl on her face as she scribbled showed a failure to follow her own advice.

As we greeted our cart driver, I reminded him that under no circumstances should he give anyone in our group a ride during play. As we crossed over to number one after completing our first nine, he drove up to me and asked if I wanted a ride. DOH!

The edge of the rough transitions into what can be only be described as unharvested hay and contributed greatly to our poor start. After going from one side of the fourteenth fairway to the other and finishing the hole with a four putt triple, I had to lighten the mood.

While exciting the green, I told Liz she just saved me a bunch of money. “Going on safari was on my bucket list and now I could scratch it off.” I said.

We used a seven iron for the approach to the third green and I either missed the bag putting it back or it fell out as I walked. Either way, I didn’t notice but rules official J.R. did. She rode up, collected the downed stick and handed it to me. “You know it’s windy when the clubs get blown out of the bag.” she observed.

We wouldn’t have gotten far before noticing though. That was the club of choice on the par three which was the next hole.

The flies are numerous and tenacious here. As soon as the wind dies, they are on you like flies on, well, you know what.

Sign on the Tournament HQ door.

no fly zone sign Garden City

Unfortunately, flies can’t read and it seems that some people can’t either.

Today there was not a one to be seen. Too windy.

Then there was this:

A Cinderella story: Bill Murray, brothers inducted into Caddie Hall of Fame

Henderson sisters enjoy caddying for each other

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