Garden City Classic – Round Two

I’m looping for Liz Wendt.

My cut-making streak on the Symetra Tour has come to an end. Shot four over.

Getting out of Dodge (actually through Dodge) early in the morning. Next stop El Dorado Arkansas. Looping for Liz again.

Then there was this:

Tiger Woods has second back surgery, done for 2015

The story behind the golf scene in Johnny Depp’s new movie, “Black Mass”

2 Responses to Garden City Classic – Round Two

  1. Rich says:

    I actually enjoyed watching the Solheim Cup.It helped that I tivo it and woke up early (unfortunate habit lately due to work) and stayed in bed watching it. I wanted to see the course in Germany, especially since I’ve been to Heidelberg.

    I assumed the US women would lose but they pulled it out. Gutsy playing by Pillar, Stansford and Lexi.

    Suzanne’s lack of a concession was strange. If 2 players on the other team are walking away from the hole and the putt is 2 feet or less what is the opponent supposed to assume? Obviously you should ask but the rules should be clearer (either no gimmes, require someone on the opposing side to pick up the ball, etc.).

    Some nasty outfits the USA team had, especially the leggings.

    Oh well.

    • ozzy says:

      I thought the US were gone for all money. Congratulations to the US on their comeback win.

      I didn’t watch it, but were there any Syrian refugees in the crowd.

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