Murphy USA Shootout – Tuesday

I’m looping for Liz Wendt.

First off today and touched them all. Done before noon.

Arrived yesterday and walked the course. Liz flew in late and we played nine.

Some players have grumbled that the courses are too easy out here but they won’t this week. Mystic Creek is a gorgeous layout with extremely difficult greens. Plenty of different levels, false fronts and edges that funnel off to collection areas or water hazards.

It’s back to “the show” for Vicky Hurst. Congrats! A player with that much game does not belong on the Symetra Tour.

Didn’t see the Solheim no-gimme incident but it sounds like typical Pettersen.

On my way here I topped in Texarkana overnight. First time. Cheap room, cheap gas ($1.89) and finger lickin’ good Popeye’s chicken all within a few yards. A travel trifecta.

How about (ex-rookie bitch) Johnny Manziel? There’s hope for Browns fans after all.

Doug Wilbur has made an appearance. Working for Mindy Kim.

3 Responses to Murphy USA Shootout – Tuesday

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    I hope it’s not the players that are shooting 76’s and 77’s who are grumbling that the courses aren’t hard enough. Nice to hear your have a great track this week.

  2. ozzy says:

    Texarkana was always a welcome stop on my many trips between Murray, KY and Weatherford TX, to visit my Niece, whether for a break or overnight stay. Great motels and Information Centre.

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