Murphy USA Shootout – Round One

79 blows puts us way back in the pack but still in reach of the cut. I told you this wouldn’t be easy.

Leon was our cart driver and what a piece of work he was. On the very first hole he determined a ball that was lost in a lateral hazard was out of bounds and said the player should go back to the tee. On anther hole he was calling out the scores on the radio as we teed it up. But to his credit, Leon learned fast after being admonished. In a nice way of course.

Then there was this:

LPGA could be coming to Green Bay area

Why Caitlyn Jenner Is Ticked Off At LPGA Star Danielle Kang

Teresa Zamboni receives 2015 Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award

One Response to Murphy USA Shootout – Round One

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    The first, and only, time I ever drove a cart in a Symetra event, 11 years ago, I started up the cart right in a players backswing on a wedge shot. She chunked it right into a bunker. In my defense that was back when the cart drivers used to carry the clubs for all three players. She was well ahead of the other two and I didn’t expect her to hit when she did. It was a gas-powered cart, so of course it made a racket to make things worse.
    The player double bogeyed the hole but she went on to eagle the next hole, draining a 150 yard fairway shot on a par 4. After the round I went up and apologized to her, saying I knew better than to start up the cart in her swing but just didn’t expect her to hit her shot when she did.
    She gave me a big smile and said… “If I can’t play through something like that then I shouldn’t be out here.”
    We actually became good friends over the years and have played some casual rounds together and I always root for her now whenever she tees it up.
    Lisa Ferrero is the player.

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