LPGA 2nd Stage Qualifier – Round Four

October 25, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Eighty blows keeps Megan from the finals. It wasn’t meant to be.

LPGA 2nd Stage Qualifier – Round Three

October 24, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Four over yesterday and the same today but we’re still in the hunt for the top eighty.

Thursday’s post was my 1400th for Life on Tour on WordPress.com. Some kind of milestone I guess.

No lunch provided for the volunteers this week. Where does all that entry fee money go?

Met Mark Scott, Neil Carter and Motorcycle Jim at Bogeys Restaurant after the round yesterday. Good times.

Motorcycle Jim_me_Marl Scott at Bogeys 2nd stage qulifier

Is that a Captain Kangaroo lookalike masquerading as Jim?

Mark is pushing a trolley this week. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 🙂

Mark Scott 2nd stage pulling trolley

I added three more caddie/player match-ups to yesterday’s list if you’re interested.

Then there was this:

China continues to wage its war on golf, makes joining golf clubs illegal

Coates tournament in Ocala will kick off LPGA season

LPGA 2nd Stage Qualifier – Round One

October 22, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Two over today. I double on seventeen spoiled the day.

We played the Bobcat and on the par three third, Kathleen Ekey missed the green right and her ball nestled against the stone retaining wall encompassing some trees. There wasn’t anything on the rule sheet so we all figured it was an integral part of the course and an unplayable lie was called for. Nope. She called for a ruling and got a free drop. It seemed to be an error of omission on the part of the officials. Hope nobody gets screwed on that one.

Looks like Mary Narzisi is throwing in the towel as far as playing. She’s on the other side of the bag with Lauren Doughtie and is considering a caddie career I heard.

Here are some caddie/player match-ups.



Srcaper Kate Scarpetta
Chris McCalmont Pannarat Thanapolboonyaras
Motorcycle Jim Gemma Dryburgh
Mark Scott Lindsay McGetrick
Jeff Steffler Anne-Lise Caudal
Jody Keepers Erica Popson
Michelle Simpson Patricia Sanz Barrio
Neil Carter Amy Boulden
The Nerd Heather Angell
Greg Sheridan Jean Chua
Chris Benz Benyapa Niphatsophon
Portland John Elisa Serramia
Bully Jordan Ontiveros
Tom Borwick Hye-Min Kim

Then there was this:

Yang’s 9-for-9 may be unprecedented

Symetra extends sponsorship of LPGA secondary tour

LPGA 2nd Stage Qualifier – Wednesday

October 21, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Practice is over and now we get down to business.

Round one pairings here. We’re paired with a girl from Kazakhstan.

Megan didn’t hit it well yesterday and I noticed her right hand grip was weak. Instead of telling her so, I told her to check her fundamentals. Grip, ball position and alignment. Luckily, the coach of her friend we played with mentioned it later. Made all the difference in the world today. The huge banana ball is gone.

Talked to Yu Ping before teeing off. She no longer has her golf school but has moved up in stature. Now working with the Chinese National Team. She took six players to Stage 1 and five made it through. Ages range from 18 to 27.

Ran into Robert O. before I left. Looks great. He’s helping officiate. Janet Lindsay is here also.

Shadow’s dad was here today. Scraper touched base and exchanged pleasantries.

LPGA 2nd Stage – Tuesday

October 20, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Walked the back nine on the Bobcat Course early. Then we touched them all. The Panther is on tomorrow’s agenda.

Megan stopped in the clubhouse afterwards for a bite and I kept her company. The dinner crowd started to arrive consisting of members who have been enjoying their golden years for some time. A vision of Bushwood Country Club came to mind. All they needed was a band to play “the dance of the living dead”.

Plenty of caddies here that I haven’t seen in some time. There was even a “Flipper” sighting.

Then there was this:

Safeway becomes new title sponsor of Napa event

LPGA Qualifier 2nd Stage – Monday

October 19, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Left the Mayor’s house early in the morn and made it through Orlando without delay. After breakfast at Chick-fil-A, I arrived at The Plantation Country Club and walked the Panther Course. The greens were redone and are expectedly firm.

Met Megan on the range after stepping off eighteen. She’s a left-handed righty. That is, right handed except for sports such as hockey and golf.

The wind was howling right to left on range which made it difficult for Megan to correct her fade.

Staying with Chris McCalmont and Scraper in a rental house about five miles from the course. Nice digs.

Ran into Yu Ping Lin and Gloria Park. They have a harem of players here. “The Pinger” asked if I knew of a caddie looking for work. She needs one more.

Congrats to the top ten Symetra players. Quite a battle for the last two spots.

Symetra Tour Championship – Tuesday

October 13, 2015

Nothing lined up for this week. The field is only 108 so prospects are dim.

I took honors in our house pool in last week’s final round with three under and also won the total score. Got a wad of singles burning a hole in my pocket so I treated myself to breakfast at Hamptons Restaurant. The $6.75 special was a pile of eats with coffee included.

After the round, I had a three-way with Rachael’s dad and Rachael interpreting. He made me a long term offer I would have to think hard about. I must have made an impression. 🙂

Louie made chili yesterday and it was the best I ever et. He used venison instead of hamburger which really put it over the top. Key lime pie from Publix was the exclamation point to a memorable meal.

Heard a player on the range compare this week to the movie series “The Hunger Games”. All that’s missing would be the report of the cannon and the picture in the sky of the player eliminated.

IOA Golf Classic – Round Three

October 11, 2015

I’m looping for Rachael Liu.

Three under today to finish –5 and T16. It was a very good week.

Had a forty minute delay for fog. Split tees was an excellent decision.

We had an all-star caddie pairing today. Me, Louie (with Lindsay Gahm) and Jody (with Nicole Jeray).

It was announced on the first tee that it was Nicole’s birthday. She is officially eligible for The Legends Tour.

Rachael had her choice between a hamster or bunny as a gift from her dad for making the cut. She chose the bunny. I concurred it was a wise selection because when the time comes, it could find its way onto the dinner table.

IOA Golf Classic – Round Two

October 10, 2015

I’m looping for Rachael Liu.

Chic-fil-A wasn’t open early enough, I forgot my glasses and I noticed on the first tee that my shoes had given up the ghost but we shot two under so all is right with the world.

The Nerd won day two in our house pool. Beat me in a scorecard playoff.

Yesterday I asked Rachael what her favorite subject was and ocean and life in the ocean seemed to be it. “Like a marine biologist?” I said and asked her if she knew who George Costanza was. But she was clueless and the reference was squandered. So was the one regarding an antebellum style house and “Gone With The Wind” and the hoodie on her panda head cover and Treyvon Martin.

Rachael’s mom and Annika had birthdays yesterday. The “queen of swing” celebrated hers a day early but not mom. She waited and Rachael donned her chef’s hat and cooked her favorite meal.

Then there was this:

San Jose to consider closing a golf course amid financial losses

Nick Faldo Says Tiger Woods is Done Winning Majors

IOA Golf Clasic – Round One

October 9, 2015

I’m looping for Rachael Liu.

Even today. Not bad after a shaky start. A tad nervous put us in the hole.

Played it ball in hand. The fairways are muddying the ball and aren’t in the best of shape to begin with.

An aqua-range is all that’s available to warm up. Not much rock-pile work is the result.

Three of us are staying with “The Mayor” and we all put in a buck a day for low round and another for total. Louie takes round one with two under. He’s got Lindsay Gahm.

Barb Mucha worked for Julia Roth but just for today. Libby Smith is looping for Katie Kempter.

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