Kicking Back In The Sunshine State

Staying with the “Mayor of Deland” this week.

I walked the downtown Deland area yesterday and it’s truly a hidden gem of small town USA. Anchored by Stetson University to the north, the main drag is peppered with small shops and restaurants of every variety.

The Simmons Motel in Hershey PA was the focus on an episode of Hotel Impossible according to a Facebook post by Jay Rothenberger. For us seasoned veterans, Hershey was one of our a favorite tournaments and the Simmons was frequented by many players and caddies.

My planned employment for 2nd stage was short lived. Have to find another loop. I have a job for next week but not for The Symetra Tour Championship in Daytona.

Then there was this:

Haze Threatens Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia

Competitive Juniors: Signs of a Golf Burnout

Anthony Kim speaks: Golf only ‘a fond memory’ now


2 Responses to Kicking Back In The Sunshine State

  1. daveandrews says:

    former LPGA player Nancy Sharff is the pro at Sand Hill Golf Course in Deland. We play there sometimes in the winter. Not in the best of shape, but rates are low. You are halfway between Longwood and Daytona. Not a long drive to either course. Good luck in the events.

  2. ozzy says:

    Sorry to hear about the 2nd Stage. I think someone else needs to find another job. Hope you get another loop, lots of experience going to waste.

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