IOA Golf Classic – Tuesday

October 6, 2015

I’m looping for amateur Ruixin “Rachel” Liu from the ANNIKA Academy.

Met my sixteen year old boss and her dad for an afternoon practice round. Finished in time for her to get home and take her online chemistry class.

We’re playing this event at Alaqua Country Club in Longwood. I was told earlier that it’s a bit of a dog track but Mike Whan is a member and could have been an influence on hosting the tournament.

Walked the course yesterday. The hounds must be kenneled elsewhere cause the course isn’t that bad.

As many Florida course wind through housing developments, this is no different. Plenty of room between holes which adds up to a hefty walk.

I hear T-Mac is in the house the next two weeks working for Candy Hanneman.

Took four months but I finally received my security deposit from my Biloxi landlord. In the three years I was there, I was late with the rent only once and that was only 24 hours cause my car wouldn’t start. I was immediately called to find out when the money would be in the bank. Guess I’m lucky to receive it at all.

On top of that, I had to leave my cable modem in their trust for return because Cable One’s office was closed on the day I departed. Took them two weeks to do the deed and I was charged another month. I just found out and was one day from getting my credit dinged.

I worked two days for The Golf Channel in July and just had a chance to review my check. They only paid me for one day. On the phone again to get that one straight.

Then there was this:

Ann Arbor to host LPGA event starting in 2016

Ottawa to host Canadian LPGA in 2017, and Brooke Henderson should be a seasoned vet

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