IOA Golf Classic – Round Two

October 10, 2015

I’m looping for Rachael Liu.

Chic-fil-A wasn’t open early enough, I forgot my glasses and I noticed on the first tee that my shoes had given up the ghost but we shot two under so all is right with the world.

The Nerd won day two in our house pool. Beat me in a scorecard playoff.

Yesterday I asked Rachael what her favorite subject was and ocean and life in the ocean seemed to be it. “Like a marine biologist?” I said and asked her if she knew who George Costanza was. But she was clueless and the reference was squandered. So was the one regarding an antebellum style house and “Gone With The Wind” and the hoodie on her panda head cover and Treyvon Martin.

Rachael’s mom and Annika had birthdays yesterday. The “queen of swing” celebrated hers a day early but not mom. She waited and Rachael donned her chef’s hat and cooked her favorite meal.

Then there was this:

San Jose to consider closing a golf course amid financial losses

Nick Faldo Says Tiger Woods is Done Winning Majors

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