LPGA 2nd Stage – Tuesday

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Walked the back nine on the Bobcat Course early. Then we touched them all. The Panther is on tomorrow’s agenda.

Megan stopped in the clubhouse afterwards for a bite and I kept her company. The dinner crowd started to arrive consisting of members who have been enjoying their golden years for some time. A vision of Bushwood Country Club came to mind. All they needed was a band to play “the dance of the living dead”.

Plenty of caddies here that I haven’t seen in some time. There was even a “Flipper” sighting.

Then there was this:

Safeway becomes new title sponsor of Napa event

2 Responses to LPGA 2nd Stage – Tuesday

  1. daveandrews says:

    So, your player is from Kelowna, B C?… like Samantha Richdale. Good luck. Do 80 make it to final stage?

  2. daveandrews says:

    I see you’re paired up with Jamila Jaxaliyeva tomorrow… real nice girl, very smart, from Kazakhstan. Say hi to her for me if you think of it.

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