LPGA 2nd Stage Qualifier – Wednesday

October 21, 2015

I’m looping for Megan Osland.

Practice is over and now we get down to business.

Round one pairings here. We’re paired with a girl from Kazakhstan.

Megan didn’t hit it well yesterday and I noticed her right hand grip was weak. Instead of telling her so, I told her to check her fundamentals. Grip, ball position and alignment. Luckily, the coach of her friend we played with mentioned it later. Made all the difference in the world today. The huge banana ball is gone.

Talked to Yu Ping before teeing off. She no longer has her golf school but has moved up in stature. Now working with the Chinese National Team. She took six players to Stage 1 and five made it through. Ages range from 18 to 27.

Ran into Robert O. before I left. Looks great. He’s helping officiate. Janet Lindsay is here also.

Shadow’s dad was here today. Scraper touched base and exchanged pleasantries.

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