2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Monday

November 30, 2015

The parking lot was frantic with caddie/player activity in anticipation of the week to come. So far I’m still empty but with a rainy forecast beginning Thursday, there’s still hope for change. Right Barack?

Finishing touches around the club are also in order and the cleanup began with the undesirables occupying the striped asphalt. Take a gander at this gang I found blocking the through lane.

John_Chip_Scraper_Jeff and Craig 2015 q-school

Is that a tour bag or a fanny pack on the big guy?

Scraper 2015 q-school

Back together again. Danny and Lorie strut the walk of fame.

Danny and Lorie Kane 2015 q-school

Former LPGA Rules Official Jim Webb was in the house. Talked to him briefly and discovered he has been an avid reader of my blog for years. Wonder if Ty Votaw still tunes in? I know he did when he was Commissioner and not because he was a fan. 🙂

Jones Course Prep

November 24, 2015

Looping for Yu Liu.

Cold, windy and cart path only for round one. Finished +2. Better weather but +4 was the best we could do today.

With the Q-School finals around the corner and two poor performances in a row, a change was in order. Yu will be taking her dad for the finals. He worked 2nd stage, knows her game and is her prime motivator I was told.

So now I’m looking once more. So goes the life of a caddie.

Given the damage done by Saturday’s rain, a few extra measures were taken regarding the bunkers to speed play. I love the first one. Isn’t that part of Golf 101?

Jones Course prep conditions

Then there was this:

PGA Tour Bans Players From Playing, Endorsing Daily Fantasy

Olympic course in Rio ‘100 percent complete’

Jones Course Prep – Denied!

November 22, 2015

I’m looping for Yu Liu.

The plan was to play a practice round on the Jones Course yesterday but the “heavy stuff” came in fifteen minutes before we teed off and washed out the day.

Today’s tee times were delayed two hours after yesterday’s deluge. Update: The round was canceled. First time tomorrow is 7:30.

The cold front causing the problem will plummet temperatures and escort in a 10-20 mph wind. Are long johns in order? 🙂

Louie’s Windows 10 upgrade did not go as smooth as expected (do they ever?). Because the HP Stream did not have enough available storage, I used a SD card as a repository for the Windows 8.1 temp files. That’s needed just in case he wants to roll back to the previous operating system

Apparently the card was corrupted (couldn’t format it)and the download wouldn’t finish. I switched to a USB stick which fixed problem number one.

The total process took quite a while. Everything looked good except the right click context menus disappeared which questioned the wisdom of the upgrade but I wasn’t deterred. After some investigating, I found that access to the touchpad settings was denied so I figured it was a driver issue.

The Device Manager indicated I had the correct touchpad driver but that isn’t a sure ting. I went to the HP site and re-downloaded the driver. All fixed. Working like a charm.

Windows 10 has a bunch of really nice new features. My laptop may be next. If you decide to upgrade, make sure to create your recovery media first and backup your data.

PDF schedules for the2016 LPGA and Symetra Tours are out.

Q-School Prep – Round Three

November 20, 2015

I’m looping for Yu Liu on the Hills Course.

Finished T34. 75-73-76. No birds today. Bummer.

Yu’s dad had lunch from Chipotle’s waiting for me when we finished. Good stuff.

My bag in Portland, Yueer (Cindy) Feng, took the gold at ten under par.

The second prep event starts Sunday. Three rounds on the Jones Course.

Going to install Windows 10 on Louie’s HP Stream tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Then there was this:

Caddie Confidential: Comparing LPGA and PGA tours

Kia extends LPGA Tour event title sponsorship through 2018

Kris Tamulis Savors Hometown Crowd At CME Group Tour Championship

Competitiveness Seen as a Virtue, at Least for Men

Naples’ Tamulis, caddie keeping perspective

This is why golf never should have become an Olympic sport

Q-School Prep – Round One

November 18, 2015

Looping for Yu Liu.

We’re on the Hills Course.

Two errant tee balls coast us five shots. The exact number we’re off the lead. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts …

According to a Facebook post, Danielle Ammaccapane will be on the DL with a torn ACL. Think we’ve seen the last of the celebratory jumps.

We were pelted with rain off and on all day. We even had a sight suspension for casual water on the greens.

Caddies have to walk unless the player decides to walk up to the green. Otherwise there is a warning if seen then two shot penalty. Someone should have told the group in front of us. Of course it’s on the rule sheet but who reads that?

Then there was this:

Carin Koch admits slow play is a problem in women’s golf

My Hiatus Is Over

November 15, 2015

Just when I though my dance card was empty, it gets punched for the next three weeks.

The plan was to work the Tuesday pro-am at the CME then hang out and watch some golf but Rachel Liu, (my bag at the Longwood Symetra event) hooked me up with a another player. I’m working the next two SunCoast tournaments and the final stage for Yu Liu. They are Q-School Prep Events held on at LPGA International. Back to Daytona I go.

ISPA Handa Cup – USA Wins 26-22

November 14, 2015

All single matches today. It looked like the Word Team was going to pull off an amazing comeback until Danielle Ammaccapane holed out from the fairway on the 18th hole and Lorie Kane sniped her tee ball into into the hazard on the final hole during her match. That’s all she wrote.

Danielle’s celebratory antics in the fairway took its toll though. An injured right knee had her barely walking. She hobbled onto the green and had to be helped off.

Danielle Ammaccapane knee injury Handa Cup 2015

Had a reunion of sorts after the round. How about this crew?

Lane_me_Motorcycle Jim at Handa Cup 2015

Lane (looking constipated), me and Motorcycle Jim

ISPS Handa Cup – Day One – 2015

November 13, 2015

This morning’s matches ended in a tie but the US cleaned up in the afternoon.

How about this group?

Handa Cup 2015 first tee

Lotta had 18 birdies last week at the Walgreens event. No wonder she won going away.

Tom Van Dorn was in the house today for the morning match. He followed the same group I did (pictured) then had to take his leave.

Lost in translation: My audio note using my phone that “Stephanie Farwig is caddying for Barb Mucha” came out as “Stephanie far away is caring for Barbie YouTube”. Yeah, that’s close.

Then there was this:

Golf Channel to use caddies in broadcast from at Sea Island – If it was me, I would get the hook in short order.

I’m Off?

November 11, 2015

Heading to the Handa Cup tomorrow. For now. 🙂

Haven’t used my Nexus 7 much since I moved to a smart phone so I pulled it out yesterday to check for updates. Surprised to see Marshmallow 6.0 (the newest Android operating system) was available. Installed without a problem. Plenty of new features.

Perfect Timing!

November 8, 2015

Ferrari bringing World Finals to Daytona in 2016 – This is the week after Thanksgiving which is traditionally the finals for Q-School. Make those motel reservations now boys and girls.

Just laying back in Daytona. Thought of going to The Legends event in Delray but my “little man” nixed that idea. May go to the Handa Cup in Sarasota though. I’ll throw up some grass and see which way the wind is blowing.

I upgraded my phone to the Moto X Pure Edition. I had the need, for speed. Louie has my Moto G. Hope he has figured it out. 🙂

So far I’m empty for the Q-School final stage. I’m not the only one for sure.

Then there was this:

Bankrupt Golf Club Warns Puerto Rico Open May Need New Home

Nobody deserves a golf trip to Ireland more than these injured military veterans

Neumann wins LPGA Legends Tour title

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