ISPS Handa Cup – Day One – 2015

November 13, 2015

This morning’s matches ended in a tie but the US cleaned up in the afternoon.

How about this group?

Handa Cup 2015 first tee

Lotta had 18 birdies last week at the Walgreens event. No wonder she won going away.

Tom Van Dorn was in the house today for the morning match. He followed the same group I did (pictured) then had to take his leave.

Lost in translation: My audio note using my phone that “Stephanie Farwig is caddying for Barb Mucha” came out as “Stephanie far away is caring for Barbie YouTube”. Yeah, that’s close.

Then there was this:

Golf Channel to use caddies in broadcast from at Sea Island – If it was me, I would get the hook in short order.

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