Jones Course Prep – Denied!

November 22, 2015

I’m looping for Yu Liu.

The plan was to play a practice round on the Jones Course yesterday but the “heavy stuff” came in fifteen minutes before we teed off and washed out the day.

Today’s tee times were delayed two hours after yesterday’s deluge. Update: The round was canceled. First time tomorrow is 7:30.

The cold front causing the problem will plummet temperatures and escort in a 10-20 mph wind. Are long johns in order? 🙂

Louie’s Windows 10 upgrade did not go as smooth as expected (do they ever?). Because the HP Stream did not have enough available storage, I used a SD card as a repository for the Windows 8.1 temp files. That’s needed just in case he wants to roll back to the previous operating system

Apparently the card was corrupted (couldn’t format it)and the download wouldn’t finish. I switched to a USB stick which fixed problem number one.

The total process took quite a while. Everything looked good except the right click context menus disappeared which questioned the wisdom of the upgrade but I wasn’t deterred. After some investigating, I found that access to the touchpad settings was denied so I figured it was a driver issue.

The Device Manager indicated I had the correct touchpad driver but that isn’t a sure ting. I went to the HP site and re-downloaded the driver. All fixed. Working like a charm.

Windows 10 has a bunch of really nice new features. My laptop may be next. If you decide to upgrade, make sure to create your recovery media first and backup your data.

PDF schedules for the2016 LPGA and Symetra Tours are out.

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