2015 Q-School 3rd Stage – Monday

November 30, 2015

The parking lot was frantic with caddie/player activity in anticipation of the week to come. So far I’m still empty but with a rainy forecast beginning Thursday, there’s still hope for change. Right Barack?

Finishing touches around the club are also in order and the cleanup began with the undesirables occupying the striped asphalt. Take a gander at this gang I found blocking the through lane.

John_Chip_Scraper_Jeff and Craig 2015 q-school

Is that a tour bag or a fanny pack on the big guy?

Scraper 2015 q-school

Back together again. Danny and Lorie strut the walk of fame.

Danny and Lorie Kane 2015 q-school

Former LPGA Rules Official Jim Webb was in the house. Talked to him briefly and discovered he has been an avid reader of my blog for years. Wonder if Ty Votaw still tunes in? I know he did when he was Commissioner and not because he was a fan. 🙂

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