Nine Is So Fine

February 1, 2016

I’m looping for Cindy Feng.

Since we end on Saturday this week, Cindy wished to play nine yesterday around noon but since she was eligible for the Bahamas event and didn’t go, see had to wait till after five to tee it up. Good thing we had a cart but still played the last three in the dark. We turned the lights off when we left.

Today we started at the short game area then played the other nine. Had lunch and called it a day. Not in the pro-am tomorrow so it will be just practice. That’s the way to start the season. Easy on the body.

The qualifier was  held across the street. Played easy but two contestants had to withdraw because they were mauled by their pet cat yesterday. It fell behind a dresser and was dangling by one of its legs. An attempted rescue had both players needing medical attention with scratches and bite marks. The cat ran off.

Then there was this:

Craft Beer Festival and Tasting Garden – We’re not the only thing going on at the club.

Wentworth golf club members revolt against China-based owner

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