2016 Coates Championship – Tuesday

February 2, 2016

I spoke to soon. A planned day of practice turned into an E-9 instead. We’re first off tomorrow so it was a chance to acclimate to the conditions.

We were the last group on ten to tee it up but after two holes I received an email stating the pro-am was delayed 20 minutes because of the fog. So we dropped out of the threesome and played by our lonesome.

Cindy sent my picture in for the 2016 caddie credential and I picked it up yesterday. Of course, they spelled name wrong. It isn’t Smith! I get another in Phoenix.

Caddies are allowed to eat in player dining with the proper badge (even with the wrong last name) and I naturally partook. Had some dynamite gumbo for lunch and my first taste of duck served rare with some barbeque sauce. YUM!

Everything here seems first class even the cart paths. They’re not asphalt nor are they cement but stone pavers. Miles and miles of stone pavers. Must have cost a small fortune to install.

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