2016 Coates Championship – Round 1

My player is Cindy Feng.

The flat stick was flat all day. Only one birdie and finished +3.

We were first off the back and after making the turn, were given a warning to pick up the pace going to the second tee. Way too much caddying going on.

The fairways are lacking a full coverage of over-seed and mud on the ball is a common site. We played it ball-in-hand to rectify the situation.

Sometimes even the pros are by bewildered by a difficult shot and it happened to us on the eight hole. After Cindy’s tee ball found the left trees and second ricocheted into a cross bunker, she was left with fifty-two yards to the pin. She pulled a club and hit a lowish shot onto the green ten feet from the hole. No one could of done better I figured especially after I saw what she used. It was an eight iron! A what? She admitted her befuddlement and the shot was pure luck.

As we hung outside the cart bar after lunch, one of the guys came strolling up sporting a black shirt and white pants as if walking off a cricket pitch. After a hearty ribbing, he then started to regale us with a tale of first tee woe. He stated it was the worst thing that could happen to a caddie so we all assumed he shat his drawers. I checked for external skid marks but that wasn’t it.

Just after his player hits the ball, he pulls back the bag to discover a three iron hiding under one of the head covers. It wasn’t supposed to be in the bag and she doesn’t even play with one. Someone else (not to be named) put it in and was never noticed. Add two.

This course has eight replica holes patterned after famous ones around the world such as the Postage Stamp from Royal Troon and the 12th at Augusta. Another is the Road Hole from St. Andrews and just as over there, no relief is offered if you airmail the green and wind up on the road. It is an integral part of the course and you play it as it lies. Unfortunately for Min Seo Kwak, she failed to wait for her caddie to check the rule sheet and lifted her ball. Add two.

The luncheon spread was another masterpiece. I doubled-down on the salmon and added a bowl of lobster bisque. I’ve been avoiding desserts lately but broke down and had a small helping of vanilla ice cream topped with a spoonful of Bananas Foster. BUUURP!

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