How Cold Was It?

It was so cold yesterday morning, Dean was using a bag cover as a hat and I was doing my best impression of the Unaomber.

Dean Coates Championship 2106

Larry Coates Championship 2016

Super gallery yesterday and that is not an exaggeration. Two rows of food trucks had very long lines, the merchandise tent was shoulder to shoulder and the scooter traffic was bumper to bumper.

It was sad watching Lexi try to putt through the rough on fifteen. Makes you wonder if she has any short game at all.

You never wish to miss the cut but I don’t feel so bad now. Looked miserable

Cindy said they didn’t use the back right pin position on seventeen last year so we didn’t practice to it. You can never rely on the previous year’s set-up.

A joke from north of the boarder: A American Indian, a Muslim and a cowboy were sitting at the bar. The Indian says, “Once we were many and now we are few”. The Muslim says “Once we were few and now we are many”. The cowboy looks at the Muslim and says “That’s because we haven’t played cowboys and Muslims yet”.

One Response to How Cold Was It?

  1. John says:

    You are right, it was miserable. Easily the coldest tournament of the year, at least in the U.S.

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