The Quiet Man

March 13, 2016

Hooked up with “Quiet Dave” this week. It was great catching up even though I did most of the talking. 🙂

Dave left the tour ten years ago and is currently retired and living the good life on the southeast edge of Tucson.

I visited his home on Wednesday and we gazed at the sun through one of his two telescopes. It was equipped with a special filter so our eyesight remains intact. Very cool and we could even see two sunspots.

Friday we took a trip to Reid Park Zoo and was photobombed by a giraffe.

Quiet Dave and me Reid Park Zoo

For those in the know, you’re familiar with the troll that accompanied Dave on all his road trips. I’m happy to report the troll has survived and has even made a couple of friends.

Quiet Dave troll

I arrived in Phoenix this morning and hopefully Dave will follow, albeit for only one day. He’ll try to make an appearance on Thursday.

A caddie/player/officials party is scheduled for Tuesday. Food and drink will be provided at a local restaurant by BucketBoy Graphics. They provide the yardage books for the tour.

No more shagging putts on the practice green is a new tour regulation. Caddie or coach, it makes no difference. Wonder who will be the first violator? Just a matter of time.

Then there was this:

Marathon LPGA Classic to air on CBS in 2016

Symetra Tour announces Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Classic at Atlanta National Golf Club

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