Founders Cup 2016 – Round 1

Walked all eighteen with Tom. As usual, it’s really boring from outside the ropes but it was good to get some exercise and see the course.

Ran into Wendy Ward by the practice green then Betsy King came along. Talked about the Symetra Tour, Olympics and other things with Betsy. Good to see both of them again.

Quiet Dave came up from Tucson to pay his respects. I left him a ticket at will call but after searching their computer, couldn’t find his name. They eventually gave him one anyway but wouldn’t the tickets be arranged in their envelopes alphabetically? That’s how they are in most places.

BTW, I need to correct Dave’s status. He is not retired but unemployed like the rest of us. 🙂 He’s still living the good life though.

Scraper was still on ShanShan’s bag. The word is her caddie has been hit hard with the flu and he’s not the only one. Did you know a ten ten supply of Tamiflu is over $300? (wasn’t for me)

If a caddie is unable to dine with his player inside, a lunch ticket is provided. A tournament concession stand or a couple of food trucks are the options.

Those who can’t do, teach: After a disappointing day with the flat stick, caddie Jeff Steffler spent some time on the practice green with his player and the session went something like this I assume.

No, no. This doesn’t look right.

Steffler with Jodie Ewert putting

Do it like this.

Steffler putting with Jodie Ewart

Looked better her way. 🙂

I took the day off today. May go out tomorrow.

Then there was this:

Voices: Sandra Post On The Interest Taken In Her By A LPGA Founder – Listen to the audio. This is a fantastic interview.

LPGA honoree Englehorn grateful for career

Downey Classic gets new title sponsor

LPGA Hall of Famer Se Ri Pak retiring after season

Officials announce plans for this year’s Danielle Downey Classic

Brittany Lincicome Was Given First Pitch Honors At Dodgers-White Sox Spring Training Game


One Response to Founders Cup 2016 – Round 1

  1. ozzy says:

    Here’s my putting tip to pass on to Jeff, her ball position is too far back, that will not allow the putter face to square up plus you hit down on the ball slightly. Move the ball at least one ball forward in the stance. Will give better line of sight to hole as well. Will send bill later.


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