Kia Classic 2016 Pro-Am

March 24, 2016

A couple of caddies were let go after last week but those jobs were snapped up quickly. Not being a part of “the new caddie network”, I had no chance.

I did manage to loop the pro-am. The morning groups walked but there clubs were on carts driven by volunteers. The afternoon walked also but had to take a caddie provided by Premier Caddies. Afraid I wasn’t qualified 🙂 I applied anyway but was welcomed in with open arms. It was $100 + tip for the day and even though Avaria has some steady climbs, seemed like easy money.

I was first assigned to the 11:50 group off of number one, then moved to the following group and finally the 11:50 off of ten.

Met my guy just before tee time and noticed his bag was not of the carry-it-yourself variety. It was large and sans double strap. Just my luck. The only trunk in the group and I get to carry it.

Walking to the tee I noticed my loop had a pronounced limp. Found out he had rolled his ankle and looked to me that he would not make it nine holes.

When we arrived at the tee, things turned my way. My guy had some connections and finagled a buggy for the round. Alleluia! It was a sweet ride and really easy money.

As we exited one of the greens, a guy started talking to me and mentioned he used to be Tommy Bolt’s caddie. I sounded impressed but wasn’t. Just trying to be nice.

Like last week, the pros only had to play nine holes then switched at the turn and it was the same yesterday. We had Mo Martin and Katie Burnett. Also, the pro’s caddie receives $50 from the tournament for the effort and the promise of total consciousness upon death.

Monday qualifying scores:

Kia Classic 2016 Monday qualifiers

Ran into Aree Song. She has a golf school in Bangkok but for the last two weeks has been mentoring one of her students Benyapa Niipahtsophon.

Scraper snagged a bag for the second week in a row. Had Flic Johnson as the first alternate and got in before the qualifier started.

Caddie area repartee: Caddie sits down and says “Mind if I smoke?” another caddie replies “Mind if I fart?”

Snickers in the caddie area. How appropriate.

Kia Classic snickers

I left round one play in the early afternoon but not before hearing of a two shot penalty given to Wei-Ling Hsu for slow play.

Then there was this:

Rinker to defend title at Chico’s Patty Berg Memorial in April

Caitlyn Jenner OK with exclusion from men’s golf tournament at Sherwood Country Club

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