Kia Classic 2016 – Round Two

Walked the front nine just for exercise. Easy peasy even with some very steep climbs.

Another caddie got the ax. This time after the first round. A friend is on the sack today.

Sometimes rookies have to learn the hard way and one in particular was hit dearly in the pocketbook yesterday. Her group was on the clock for eight holes and she was over the allotted time for a shot on three occasions. That totaled up to a whopping $3000 in fines! Slow play has been a bugaboo for many years on the LPGA. Emptying the wallet may be the answer. We’ll see.

5 Responses to Kia Classic 2016 – Round Two

  1. ozzy says:

    Excellent, that’s where you hit them. Was it her caddie who got the axe – can’t afford a caddie now only a friend.

  2. Hendrik says:

    Larry, when do the fine $ and when do they assess strokes?
    Or is it both? LPGA slow play rule is as clear as mud.

  3. A. Ham says:

    Round Two? What happened to Round One?

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