ANA 2016 Pro Am

Watched a little yesterday and saw all I needed to see.

Former LPGA Commissioner Charlie Meacham played with Mike Wahn and I caught them on the ninth green. Said hi to Charlie and got this photo. Come to think of it, Carolyn Bivens would have rounded off that group nicely. 🙂

Cahrlie Meacham ANA 2106 pro am

Then I waited for Caitlyn Jenner to appear. She was playing with Abby Wambach.

Caitlyn catches the bunker with her tee ball on ten. Video.

Caitlyn Jenner ANA pro am 2106 swinging

They played with Danielle Kang on that side and heard that after Danielle chipped in on 18, Abby took off her shoes and jumped into Poppie’s Pond.

To all who have experienced this tournament when it was truly a premier event, it will always be known as “The Dinah”.

Dinah Shore wall

Volunteer Dave will be working the tee on number nine the first two rounds only. He was notified that he may have to wear a wireless tablet around his neck on a lanyard. It is to provide access to real time scoring for the players and caddies if requested. Something new the LPGA is trying this year. I guess they wish to know how many Lydia is ahead. 😉

Mutt and Jeff (Matt and Dave) are still running the caddie area and it’s been a steady downhill slide for the last twenty-five years. I thought of getting an afternoon pro-am loop but after hearing that only one caddie got work in the morning, futility became the word of the day. Went to Sam’s Club for a fill-up and a slice instead. The weather turned nasty anyway. Would not have been a fun time.

Flipper was in the house looking for a loop. Wonder if he has the FBI on speed dial?

5 Responses to ANA 2016 Pro Am

  1. Louis Pappas says:

    Just curious, why do you feel it is no longer a Premier event?

  2. A. Ham says:

    What about this tournament makes it no longer premier? The players are better than ever, the money is bigger than ever. The fans are out in force. Lots of TV coverage. New sponsorship. Big name celebrities in the pro-am. Redesigned grandstands for a better fan experience. What are you mad about?

    • lifeontour says:

      You must not have been around as long as me A. Ham. Let’s take your points one by one. There were many more fans when it was known as the Dinah. There were pro-ams on Tuesday and Wednesday, both on the tournament course and the Palmer course. Celebrities? What were there, three? In the past, many, many TV, movie, sports stars and politicians played and the galleries were much bigger because of it. The sponsor would bring in a couple senior pros to entertain their clients and give lessons. That is long gone. How about the grandstand on the eighteenth. Maybe they couldn’t fill them up last year so they decided to make only six rows and sell the top level to a vodka sponsor. That’s classy. They used to fill up early in the morning no matter how many seats were available. Why do you think I’m mad about something? Can you point out that part of my post. It was merely and observation based on past experience and by the way, the caddies who were out back then totally agree.

    • lifeontour says:

      One more thing. In the past, there wasn’t a problem getting volunteers but there is now. There are holes where spotters are needed in the fairway but have to go without this year. The tournament used to cover the cost of the uniforms but it is now a burden of the volunteers.

  3. Louis Pappas says:

    Appreciate your perspective, thank you.

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