And I thought It Would Be a Slow Week

Two instances of attempted “rule bending” last week has come to my attention and I stress, came to me. One successful, one not.

Heard a player was seen taking practice swings with an alignment stick during the round (that’s a DQ I believe) which was witnessed by her playing partner and her caddie. An official was called and the perpetrator denied it. Her caddie was then queried and gave the Hillary Clinton response. Said he couldn’t recall. One person’s word against the other. No penalty.

Another player hit her tee ball into the gunge so she hit a provisional. The caddie found the ball but was told not to say he did and that she was going to play the provisional. The caddie insisted she play her original ball according to the rules. She chipped out into a divot then hit into the water. Call it karma. Turned out to be a short week for the caddie though . I guess honesty doesn’t pay.

I thought caddies back stabbing each other to get a bag was a thing of the past but after what I heard this week, it’s alive and well. Badmouthing a caddie to his player’s coach is a low blow.

The marshals on the tenth tee are going to have their hands pull keeping the noise down. To the right, the grandstand (used for the eighteenth hole) has been reduced in height to only six rows and the EFFEN Vodka Bar, along with seating, occupies the entire top level. To the left is the volunteer tent with outside patio. Can someone say shh!


Then there was this:

Australian Masters scrapped from 2016 golf calendar


2 Responses to And I thought It Would Be a Slow Week

  1. Louie Paolini says:

    It would be nice to put a few names to these stories. What are you scared of. Who are you DEEP THROAT

    • lifeontour says:

      Don’t you remember what happened in Canada? Unless the players and caddies are willing to come forward, I’m the one who’ll take all the heat.

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