Lotte Championship 2016 – Monday

Played the front and took forever. Doing an E-9 tomorrow morning.

We were in the Sunday pro-am and it was one of the best as far as personalities go. Plenty of laughs. Got a sawbuck and a pass to eat in player hospitality for the effort.

Symetra update: There were twelve Chinese invites to the Symetra event last week in Lake Wales expanding the field to 156. The same for this week then on to the Swinging Skirts in San Francisco they go.

Heard former LPGA pro and my boss, Yu Ping Lin, was looping this week for one of her players. Speaking of loopers, T-Mac was on Candy Hannemann’s bag, Billy Prentice with Carlie Yadloczky, Jeff deCoen toted for Emily Gimpel, Rick Kropf for Catherine O’Donnell and Tom Borwick rounded out the field on Jaclyn Jansen’s bag.

Congratulations to Samantha Richdale on her win in Lake Wales. Very well deserved. “Scraper” is looping for her this week at the Lotte.


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