Lotte Championship 2016 – Tuesday

My player is Yueer Cindy Feng.

E-9 on the back and done by noon. First off tomorrow on the same side. Perfect.

Three times a charm? Not on the LPGA. Cindy applied for my caddie credential before the Ocala event and the spelling of my last name was incorrect. I was told it would be fixed by Phoenix but that badge was wrong also. Yesterday she gets an email saying my new badge is in. Again, same misspelled name. It’s not Smith.

The caddie bib deposit has doubled since last year to $40 since some weren’t returned. An email from the LPGA said the towel was included with the bib but not so. The guys in the caddie tent said that was news to them. That’ll be another $5 please.

The caddie lounge seems to be by the practice putting green this week. Looks like “Scraper” is handing out five finger messages but there may be a price to pay. 🙂

caddies at putting green Lotte Championship 2016

Then there was this:

Free shuttle to LPGA Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic


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