Lotte Championship 2016 – Round 1

My player is Yueer CIndy Feng.

Skunked on birds today. Finished +6.

We were paired with Cydney Clanton and Pavarisa Yoktuan. Cydney was a half a roll short from starting with an eagle on our first hole, the tenth. Pavarisa’s looper was a local and showed without his bib. “Didn’t know I needed one.” was the excuse. It was dispatched in short order.

Every caddie has a favorite horse and Bully is back in the saddle with his. He has reunited with Haeji Kang this week.

Haeji Kang and Bully Lotte Championship 2016

Southerners who miss their RC Cola and Moon Pies, needn’t fret, at least for half of the combo. The Korean version of the chocolate/marshmallow delight is readily available.

Choco Pie

Papa Wie was spotted charting the greens during the pro-am while his daughter was playing. Not allowed according to the rules but that never stopped him before.


One Response to Lotte Championship 2016 – Round 1

  1. Mark says:

    Apparently didn’t help, shot 80!

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