Swinging Skirts 2016 – Tuesday

My player is Yueer Cindy Feng.

Played the back nine yesterday and the front today. Looks like an E-9 tomorrow.

The weather has been perfect. That will all end starting Thursday. Figures. We have the same tee times as last week. Even which side we tee off.

I absolutely love this course. Position off the tee and onto the greens is the key. Reminds me of some tracks we’ve played in the northeast. Right now the greens are releasing quiet a bit but the forecast of rain may change that.

No charge for bibs this week or towels either. I guess they don’t trust howlies in Hawaii. 🙂

And the qualifiers are:

Swinging Skirts 2016 qualifiers

The grandstand on eighteen green boarders the range but a ball still may find its way behind it and a way to address the dilemma had to be found. A meeting of the great minds of our time came up with the perfect solution. Drive a white stake in the ground and make it OB.

officials Swinging Skirts 2016

Marty in charge. Sounds like a good title for a sitcom.

An ominous trend this season seems to be the lack of volunteers. It happened again this week.

As a matter of fact, Bully and I are staying with one of them in San Carlos about thirty miles south.

Rental cars are pricey in this part of the woods so I decided to try something different. Booked a ride on FlightCar which is a peer-to-peer service that rents out private vehicles. I got a Prius with 54,757 miles on it for $166.95 out the door.


One Response to Swinging Skirts 2016 – Tuesday

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, if you near the 49er’s stadium, call in a say G’day to Aussie Jarryd Hayne who is beginning his second season with them. Rookie season last year.


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